Fabrication Facilities

PetroWeld has grown substantially from its inception in 2011 contracting works in Pipeline, Mechanical Construction, Electrical & Instrumentation and other related works. To support its construction activity requirements and a vision by the Management to diversify and manufacture specialized equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry, we found the necessity of establishing a modernized fabrication facility.

PetroWeld fabrication facility is strategically situated midway between Bardarash and Rovi City and is located along the highway 75 kilometers Northwest of Erbil. The workshop is a fully covered shed of 6800 square meters built in a sprawling land area of 25,000 square meters. It is a two (2) bay 40 meter wide x 160 meter long lofty engineered steel building equipped each bay with 2 X 10 Ton SWL Electric Overhead Travelling Crane and runs the full length of the shed for handling of all components and materials for fabrication or assembly. Also within the PW property is a separate building for warehouse, equipment maintenance, office block for the Engineering, Production and QHSE Team and accommodation for PW workshop personnel. Remaining parcel of the land is used for materials lay down and for Sandblasting and Painting area. Green areas are also reserved for recreation parks for PW personnel and visitors.

The workshop is furnished with the most modern machineries required to undertake full process of general fabrication like cutting, shearing, shaping, forming, bending, hole punching/drilling, welding, Non Destructive testing, sandblasting and coating application; thus providing a one stop fabrication shop. It has a dedicated Machine Shop to support machining works required in fabrication and equipment maintenance. A great advantage in terms of delivery period over manufactured equipment originating from abroad.

PetroWeld workshop is supported by a Team of experienced engineers, certified specialists and tradesmen having vast knowledge in the field of Design, Engineering and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Plant Piping, Structural Steel and General Machining works.

We design, detail and manufacture to International Standards and Codes and consider client specifications and requirements. Our engineering department is supported with the latest design software like Compress and PV Elite for Pressure Vessel Design, Tank for API 650 Storage Tank Design, STAAD Pro for Structural Analysis, X-Steel for Structural Detailing, Cad works, Solid works, Inventor and AutoCAD for design software interface, general detailing and drawing.

Fabrication Shop

Warehouse Shop

PetroWeld has developed Processes and Procedures for welding and fabrication strictly adhered to maintain quality of our products. Our Methodologies are certified to conform to ISO 9001-2008, ASME Section VIII Division 1 and ASME Section IX welding code. Our team of in-house Quality Control personnel ensures that every stages of manufacture is monitored, inspected/tested and recorded from receiving of raw materials until a product is ready for delivery. A Quality Dossier is provided for every essential fabrication job.

PetroWeld workshop objectives that would benefit our clients:
1. To provide innovative solutions and approach to complex fabrication requirements.
2. To manufacture cost effective fabrication products tailored to client needs;
3. To minimize delivery of manufactured/fabricated products catered to Oil and Gas field operation within KRG;
4. In house fabrication support for PW construction activities;
5. To upgrade the fabrication facility by continuously investing in modern equipment and latest design technologies.;
6. To be the first in the region in manufacturing specialized Oil and Gas equipment like Pressure Vessels, Separators, Tanks, Manifold and Skid Modules;
7. Facility is in the process of achieving ASME “U” and “R” stamp to cater fabrication and repair of ASME Coded Pressure Vessels as well and API 650 and API 12F accreditation to build Storage Tanks conforming to API requirements. These accreditations will be achieved by end of March 2016;
8. Petroweld is currently ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, and OHSAS 18001-2007 certified.

PetroWeld workshop can undertake the following fabrication works:
1. Piping Spools, Manifolds, Pig Launchers and Receivers;
2. Pressure Vessels/Separators;
3. Tanks including API 650 site erected vertical storage tanks;
4. Shop welded tanks to API 12F
5. Pipe racks and Skid Modules;
6. Pre-engineered steel sheds and building;
7. Flare Stacks, and Columns;
8. Hoppers and Silos
9. Chutes and Formworks;
10. Complex structural steel and frames;
11. Road Trailers, Tankers, and Tipper Bodies;
12. General Machining works;
13. NDE and Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT);
14. Sandblasting and Coating Application;
15. Metal Arc Spray Coating.

List of current workshop machineries and tools:
1. Hydraulic Plate Dishing Machine with Manipulator, 500 Tons capable up to 25 mm thick plate;
2. Hydraulic Flanging Machine, up to 25 mm thick x 5000 mm diameter Dished Heads;
3. Hydraulic Pinch Pyramid Plate Roller, 3 meter wide up to 50 mm thick plate;
4. Hydraulic Pinch Pyramid Plate Roller, 3 meter wide up to 16 mm thick plate;
5. Hydraulic Pinch Pyramid Plate Roller, 2.5 meter wide up to 8 mm thick plate;
6. Mechanical Plate Roller, 1.8 meter wide up to 25 mm thick plate;
7. Press Break 150 Ton, 2.5 meter wide up to 12 mm thick plate;
8. Hydraulic Section Roller, up to 6” Angle, Channel or I Beam size;
9. Hydraulic Iron Worker, up to 25 mm thick shearing and hole punching;
10. Automatic (SAW) Tank Girth Welder with Lincoln Power Supply (2 units);
11. SAW Welding Manipulator with 40 Ton Rotator, up to 5 meter diameter vessel
12. Electric Arc Welding Machines, (SMAW) 40 units;
13. MIG Welding Machines (GTAW 7 units;
14. TIG Welding Machine (GTAW) 12 units;
15. Bed Lathe Machines (3 units);
16. Vertical Borer/Lathe Machine (VTL) up to 1.5 meter diameter work piece (2 units)
17. Universal Milling Machine;
18. Radial Drills up to 50 mm diameter holes (2 units);
19. Band Saw up to 500 mm section cuts (2 units);
20. Cooper heat PWHT Machine (2 units);
21. Sandblasting pots and accessories (4 units);
22. Airless Paint Spray Machines (4 Units);
23. Thermion Metal Arc Spray Coating Machine;
24. Power Generators from 60 to 500 KVA (20 units);
25. Air compressors from 250 to 750 CFM (4 units);
26. Forklift, 5 Ton;
27. Groove Rough Terrain Crane 75 Tons;
28. Groove Rough Terrain Crane 45 Tons
29. 10 Tons SWL Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes, EOTC (2 units);
30. 5 Tons SWL Electric Overhead Travelling Crane, EOTC (3 units)
31. Various Electric Power Tools;
32. Various Measuring and Testing Tools;
33. Various Instrument Calibration and Testing Tools;
34. Various Lifting and Rigging Tools;
35. Basic Hand Tools.

Fabrication Shop Equipment